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Prevention measures for a peaceful stay

  • Before your arrival, your room has been disinfected (curtains, armchairs, furniture, remote controls, ...) using suitable products labeled HTS BIO.

  • The daily cleaning will not be carried out (except long stay, in which case we will decide by mutual agreement of our interventions).

  • We ask to our guests to make their beds.

  • The diner is available by reservation every day and served at 8:00 p.m. in the dining room, respecting the distances and respecting the barrier measures.

  • Breakfast is also served in such a way as to respect barrier gestures, if necessary by shifting the breakfast time.

  • For the payment of the stay, please use the credit card. Our banking TPE is disinfected before and after each use.

Serenity is everyone's business

  • Reinforced disinfection throughout the house and in particular in sensitive areas (handles, doors, switches, keys, stair handrails).

  • Provision of hydro - alcoholic gel in common areas, tissues in all rooms.

  • Please air out your room each day and when you leave.

  • Respect barrier gestures and distances, in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Don't forget your personal mask. If you forget, we can provide a disposable mask.

  • If you report symptoms, please notify us immediately

Your well-being remains our priority!

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